Gilda Elise (gilda_elise) wrote in we_love_dick,
Gilda Elise

Fic: Send In the Clowns (Bruce/Dick)

Title: Send In the Clowns
Author: Elise Madrid - gilda_elise
Pairing: Bruce/Dick
Rating: NC17
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I don't own them, I only wish I did.
Word Count: 21,721
Summary: AR - In a world where Dick Grayson's parents didn't die, Bruce Wayne has discovered a grown-up, and very attractive Dick Grayson. But will the two men, from such varied backgrounds, manage to create a lasting relationship? Sequel to "The Day the Circus Came to Town."

Send In the Clowns on LJ | Send In the Clowns on AO3.
Tags: a:gilda_elise, c:alfred, c:barbara, c:bruce, c:dick
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