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FIC: 'I'm not a Juvenile Delinquent' 2/? (Dick/Damian)

Title: I’m Not a Juvenile Delinquent (2/?)

Pairing/characters: Dick/future!Damian, Barbara, Bruce, Alfred.

Rating: PG-13 (this chapter - NC-17 overall)

Summary: The year is 1958, Dick Grayson is a beatnik history teacher and Damian is a brooding outsider come to shake up all the squares, jocks, hep-cats and kittens. Crazy man, craaazy.

Warnings: Slash (past!future!Damian is seventeen years old), jive talk.

Part 1 is right here, daddio.

'My old man was a bread-stasher all his life, never got fat...'

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Tags: a:ladyk_d_azrael, c:barbara, c:damian, c:dick, p:damian/dick
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